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D&D Dark Sun

March 20, 2012

My first outing as a DM will be into the Dark Sun campaign setting for D&D. I’ve tired to run games before for Cyberpunk and GURPS, but both times it never got beyond character creations due to my faint grasp on the rules and the role of the game master in those settings. I am by no means a heavily experience D&D player, but by being the rules lawyer, support DM and character optimization for my playgroup for the last year I’ve really gotten comfortable with the D&D rule set. Comfortable enough that I feel that venturing into the task of running a game is feasible. Dark Sun Compaign Setting

I approached some online game buddies who had been party to my previous failings and convinced theme hat the third time would actually “be the charm” and things would in fact get off the ground this time. Regular D&D is nice but its all fantasy stereotypes and a bit too much like a magical item candy store for the kind of game I wanted to run. I did some research and it found Dark Sun and instantly fell in love.

The Dark Sun setting is a combination of Dune and your standard nuclear apocalypse wasteland with some magic flavor mixed it. It is a game

world built around the theme of tough choices, gritty combat, and overcoming oppression. It’s about doing some good, but only as much as you can while still making it out alive.  My players seem excited and the dice start rolling next week. I’ll be giving recaps of my game sessions and my view on the mechanics as I slip into my new role as DM.


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